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28 Card Game

28 card game is a trick taking card game that's quite popular among card game lovers in the northern parts of India, especially Bihar as well as the South Indian state of Kerala. 28 playing card game bears striking resemblance to its another popular counterpart 29 card game, both being descendants of the game called 304.The objective of the Twenty Eight card game is to win as many tricks as possible as teams using cards of higher value in the game.

While playing cards amongst a group of friends on Sunday afternoons has been the norm for decades, the infinite expansion of the internet spills into relatively untapped opportunities to play Twenty Eight card game online on your smart devices, be it a desktop, smartphone or a tablet.

Let's dig in with all the juice about this exciting game so that you can get gaming after you’re done reading here. The fact is now with the internet going bonkers with all sorts of online games, you can play 28 card game online with your friends without waiting up on weekends anymore.

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28 Card Game Rules

You typically play 28 card game online with four players in teams of two facing each other during the play. As per the 28 card game rules, only 32 cards are used to play the game. These are the 8 high value cards from each suit ranking from high to low in value.

The rank of the cards from the highest to the lowest are-

  • J, 9, A, 10, K, Q, 8, 7

Scoring Rules o 28 Card Game

As per the 28 card game rules, the values of each card in the game are-

  • Jack- 3 points
  • 9-2 points
  • Ace- 1 point
  • 10- 1 point
  • K, Q, 8 and 7- zero points each

How do you deal in 28 card game?

Dealing and gameplay occurs in counter-clockwise position wherein four cards are dealt to all players in the Twenty Eight card game. Based on the cards dealt, all players bid for the right to pick the trump card. When you play 28 card game online, you bid the number of tricks you expect to win based on the cards you have been dealt.

Deal and Bidding Rules

As per the 28 card game rules, the player sitting to the dealer’s right bids first and has to bid at least 14 tricks. The remaining players must either bid a higher number or choose to pass in the Twenty eight card game. The auction goes on until all players have made their bids. The player who makes the highest bid gets to pick the trump suit based on his/her 4 cards and accordingly, place one card of the chosen trump suit face down.

No one gets to see the card face down right away, as such, no one knows what suit is the trump until during some point during play someone calls to expose it. The dealer finishes the deal, distributing 4 more cards to the players making it a total of 8 cards each to get playing in the 28 playing card game.

How to Play 28 Card Game?

As per the 28 card game rules, the gameplay can be halved in two phases based on before and after the trump suit is revealed.

Phase 1:

When you play 28 card game online, the players bid for the right to pick the trump suit, and the player sitting to the dealer’s right speaks first and it goes on with the subsequent players in an anticlockwise manner. While the minimum bid is at least 14, the maximum is 28, hence the name of the game.

The maximum cap is based on the assumption that the last trick isn’t counted in the 28 playing card game. When a player bids, the auction goes on for as many rounds until 3 players pass the bid in consecutively. As per the 28 card game rules, the player positioned to the dealer’s left must bid at least the minimum number to continue the bid.

When you play 28 card game online, the last bidder picks the trump suit and places one of his cards from the chosen suit face down.As mentioned earlier, the dealer ends the deal by giving four more cards to every player so that each one has a total of 8 cards.

When the player to the dealer’s right leads on with the 1st trick, the other players in succession try to follow suit if they have cards from the same suit. Once all players throw their cards, the highest card played wins the trick in the Twenty card game.

As per 28 card game rules, the one who wins the trick leads the next round. In the 1st phase of 28 card game online, the bidder cannot lead a card of the trump suit unless he or she doesn’t possess cards of any other suit or in another case, if a different player has already led with a trump suited card.

In a scenario when you have no cards of the lead suit, a player has two options in the Twenty Eight card game.

You may throw any card understanding that it won't fetch you the trick. When you play 28 card game online, before playing any card, you can call to expose the bidder’s face down trump card. When this happens, the bidder has to turn up the face down trump for all players to see after which the same is added to the bidder’s hand as per the 28 card game rules.

Now that you have called to expose the trump card, you must play one of your own trumps in this trick if you have one, or else you can simply throw any other card.

In the 1st phase, the 28 card game rules also state that the cards of the hidden trump suit carry no special effect or power; as such, you can win a trick by throwing a card of the highest value of the suit in play. In the 1st phase in the game, it doesn’t matter if cards of the trump suit are being played as they have no effect whatsoever as per the 28 card game rules. So, you understand that during the first part of the Twenty Eight card game, the trump suit exudes no special power.

Phase 2:

When you play 28 card game online, the face down trump isn’t considered as one among the bidder's hand during the 1st phase. Also, if the bidder himself/herself doesn’t carry any other card of the trump suit, he has the same option as the rest of the players as per the 28 card game rules.

Once the trump suit is revealed, you can win every trick with the highest trump card. Also, if a trump suit is in play, you must use a higher valued trump than the one in play to win the trick when you play 28 card game online. If there is no trump in play in a current hand, you can win the trick by playing the highest card of the same suit.

The same 28 card game rules follow in the 2nd phase as well. The winner of each trick leads the suit for the next round. Also, if a player plays a trump card and the next player doesn’t have a card from the lead suit, he must either beat this trump by using a higher value trump or play any other suited card in the Twenty Eight card game.

As per the 28 card game rules, the bidder always has the option to reveal the face down trump and play when the situation demands, however, it bodes well to play this one card strategically later if it cannot win the current trick in play. When you play 28 card game online, remember that, if no player calls to expose the trump in the 1st seven tricks being played, the game will reach an impasse and shall be considered invalid.

Tips to Scoring in Twenty Eight Card Game

When all the 8 tricks are being played, both sides count the points for the tricks they have won. In order to play 28 card game online and win the same, you need to win at least as many tricks as you bid in the beginning before the game begins.

The bidder sifts through the cards won in tricks by his partnership to determine the winner in the 28 playing card game. Whichever team wins points equivalent to the number of bids claimed, they receive the same number of points and extra points if they manage to score more tricks.

If you fail to collect tricks equivalent to the estimated bid, you lose the 29 playing card game and receive negative points equal to the number of bids claimed in the beginning as per the 28 card game rules.

With the popularity of the 28 playing card game over time, it spun many variations and distinct rules accordingly. What we talked about here sets the basic parameters of playing the Twenty Eight card game. You can play 28 card game online as per the rules we discussed on the best apps of the day.

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