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Bridge Card Game

Bridge card game online is the best card game for taking tricks also popularly known as Contrat Bridge or Call Bridge in many regions, and it is easily the most enjoyable game that four people can just play live with a deck of cards. The International Olympic Committee recognizes the World Bridge Federation as a sport that is the governing body for global competitions.

Contract Bridge is one of the most popular card games in the world as tens of millions of players and the new generation like to just play bridge online for free.

How to Play Bridge Card Game

  • You play bridge card games online or live with the regular 52-card deck with four people seated at a card table (no jokers). Partnerships for the North-South and East-West are shared by players.
  • Each deal consists of three pieces, an auction in which the four players offer their hands in the clockwise direction, a play in which the side winning the auction attempts to take the tricks required to satisfy their contract and score when you just play Bridge online for free.
  • The language of the Bridge game rules is bidding. The object is to pass on each player's hand to his/her partner information on its strengths and weaknesses. An offer consists of a number and a suit (spades (chic), hearts (chicken), diamonds (chicken), clubs (chicken), and no trump (chicken); a no-trump suit designation).
  • The suits have the highest no trump worth and the lowest clubs. A single heart offers the couple 6 tricks plus 5 or 7 absolute tricks, with their hearts trumped.

Bridge Game Objective

The Call Bridge card game is a trick taking game played in teams of two with a regular 52-card deck. The aim is to win as many games as possible up to 100. Aces are high in Bridge, whereas 2s are low. From highest to lowest, the suits are No Trump, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs.

Game Setup

An initial dealer in the Call Bridge game online must be chosen before the game can begin. To do so, each player is dealt a card from a shuffled deck, with the highest card designated as the first dealer. A repeated agreement can be used to break ties in the Call Bridge game. The deck is shuffled by the original dealer, and the player to their right cuts it. The dealer then deals 13 cards to each of the four players, one by one, clockwise. At the end of each round, the dealer position rotates clockwise. Teammates sit across from each other and make bids and win tricks together as per Contract Bridge game rules.

The Gameplay

  • When the declarer places the lead card on the table, the bridge card game officially begins. As per the Contract Bridge game rules, the Defenders attempt to outrank the lead by going clockwise.
  • Only cards of the same suit as the lead card will be played. If they don't have any cards of the same suit, they can try to win the trick with any of their cards. The trick winner takes the next lead, and the game continues until all of the cards have been dealt. Winning tricks should be gathered and put face down on the winning team's hand.
  • If a trump has been selected for a particular deal, then, any player can play a trump if they lack a card of the suit let. Doing so will win him the trick no matter the rank of the card played. A trump card can only be beaten by a trump of a higher value.

How Scores Calculated in Bridge Game

As per the Bridge game rules, the score is held on a piece of paper divided into two columns for the two teams, WE and THEY, with a horizontal line halfway down the page. Good contract scores are entered below the line and count against a game's victory.

Other ratings, such as bonuses for tricks completed more than the contract (overtricks) or penalties for tricks completed more than the contract (undertricks), are entered above the line and do not contribute to the game's outcome.

Bridge Game Types

The Call Bridge game was invented in the 1920s, and Ely Culbertson popularised it in the following decades, especially in the United States. The Bridge game online is currently regarded as one of the most prestigious card games, and it is more meticulously organised than any other. Bridge clubs, leagues, and championships can be found all over the world.

  • Rubber Bridge

Rubber Bridge game, a four-player game, is the most basic type of Contract Bridge game. This is how many informal casual Call Bridge games are played, and this variation is often played for real money in clubs.

  • Duplicate Bridge

The game of duplicate bridge is commonly played in clubs, tournaments, and matches. The game is essentially the same, but the element of chance is diminished by getting the same deals repeated by different players.

  • Online Call Bridge

It's not really a surprise that the game has found its counterpart on the internet. Nowadays, many online gaming apps and card gaming websites feature the online version of Contract Bridge or Call Bridge for new players to get the hang on the game the easy way.

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Most actions on online versions are automated such as dealing, shuffling and cutting cards. So, when each round of a game starts, cards are shuffled and dealt by the software. All players need to do is make their bids and play their moves. The bidding process may be time bound in certain apps to regulate the game.

At the completion of all hands played, the scoring is done by the software. Hence, players are rest assured of zero foul play whether during the game or in the scoring process. Players like to just play Bridge online for free or choose to play for real money if they know the game by heart.

  • When you just play Bridge online for free or for real money with friends, it is a brilliant and thrilling experience. There are many types of Bridge card games, each with its own set of rules.
  • The word 'bridge' comes from the Russian word 'whist' or 'birch,' which means 'announcer.' Bridge players will announce or suggest their auctions at various times during the game.
  • Choosing to just play Bridge online can turn into interesting sessions, and it is unrivaled by many other card games. The challenges you face when you play Bridge online aid helps to improve several variables in the game.


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