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Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy is a variation of Rummy that follows the original rummy game, however, it comes with a set of unique Pool Rummy rules. It is a matching game of cards and has its own types of Pool Rummy variations. This includes the likes of 101 Pool Rummy, 201 Pool Rummy, 51 Pool Rummy and 61 Pool Rummy. However, we shall discuss them in a while. Until then, let’s start with the basic rules of the game for clarity. Today, you can play this variation of rummy online by going for a Pool Rummy app download

Pool Rummy Set Up

This game is best played with 4 players with a standard deck of 52 cards. All players are dealt 13 cards each to play the game.

Objective of Pool Rummy Game

The goal of the game for each player is to use the cards in their hand to form a variety of combinations of sets and sequences and declare your cards. The first player to declare his or her combinations wins the game.

Pool Rummy Rules

Pool Rummy follows the rules of a 13 card rummy game with a few tweaks of its own. Let’s jot them down in points for clarity.

  • All players are given 13 cards each before the start of the game.
  • All participants of the game must play a certain amount of buy-in fee to play the game.
  • This fee forms the collective prize pool that will be awarded to the winner.
  • When you play online on a Pool Rummy app, dealing is automated, hence, all players receive random cards.
  • After all 13 cards are distributed to the four players, the rest of the cards are kept at the table to form the stockpile.
  • Any player starts the game by picking a card from the stock pile and discarding another from his hand or the same card he picked at the table centre. This card forms the discard pile or the throw pile.
  • Likewise, all players take turns to pick and discard cards in order to make different combinations during the game.
  • Players need to form combinations of groups of sets and sequences with their dealt hand.
  • As per the Pool Rummy rules, all hands must include one Pure sequence to make a valid declaration.
  • Jokers are wild cards in these games and you can use them to substitute missing cards in a group.
  • When a player combines all 13 cards into valid melds, he or she may declare their cards to win that particular game.
  • As per Pool Rummy rules, the last player standing in the game wins in Pool Rummy.

Combinations in Pool Rummy

Like any standard game of Rummy, this 13 Card Rummy variation requires you to make certain combinations and form them into valid melds to win any game. These combinations are:

  • Pure Sequence - A pure sequence is a sequence made of at least three cards or more of consecutive numbers of the same suit. For example, A♥,K♥,Q♥,J♥. In all Pool Rummy games, you need to make at least one pure sequence to make a valid declaration.
  • Impure Sequence - An impure sequence is made of cards in a serial arrangement with the help of a Joker or a wild card. Example: J♣,10♥,Joker,8♥ is an impure sequence.
  • Set - A set is a combination of 3 or more cards of the same rank but made of different suits. Example: 9♥,9♣,9♦ is a set.

How do you Score and Win in Pool Rummy?

Pool Rummy is an exciting variation because it is bound by its brilliant score system. Since the object of the game is to have the lowest number of points, any player who reaches or exceeds the cut off points is automatically busted from the game.

Therefore, as per the different variations of the game, a player gets eliminated from the game when,

  • He or she reaches or crosses 51 points, in 51 Pool Rummy
  • He or she reaches or crosses 61 points, in 61 Pool Rummy
  • He or she reaches or exceeds 101 points, in 101 Pool Rummy
  • He or she reaches or exceeds 201 points, in 201 Pool Rummy

So, the moot point being, when you learn how to play Pool Rummy, make sure to keep your score to the minimum in order to win the game.

The Option to Drop

When you choose to play this game on a Pool Rummy app, players get the option to drop out of the game. A player can drop out of the game if he or she happens to have a gutter hand.

However, there’s a catch. Dropping out of the game can cost you penalty points. To be specific, here’s how it works.

  • If a player chooses to drop out without playing even a single round, 20 penalty points are added to their scorecard.
  • If a player drops in the middle of the game, 40 points are added to the scorecard.
  • If a player decides to drop out at the later stage of a game, a full 80 points shall be added to the scorecard

According to the unique Pool Rummy rules, the cut off mark leads to the elimination of players one by one until only one player remains standing at the end of the game. This player becomes the winner and wins the prize money.

As we mentioned before, if you opt for a credible Pool Rummy app download and play online for real cash, the winner gets the prize money. For instance, if 5 players join a table and the entry fee is INR per person, the winner will receive his entry fee plus the collective amount put in by the other 4 players. In this case, the winner will receive 50x5=INR 250.


Pool Rummy is a variation of 13 card rummy games and is often played for real money. As the name suggests, all players pool in a fixed amount of money in this card game that creates the prize pool.

Pool Rummy features different versions such as 101 Pool Rummy, 51 Pool Rummy and more. The version you play determines the cut off points for each game. Any player who reaches or exceeds this score is automatically busted from the game. The last player who scores the lowest among all, wins the game.