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Piquet Games

Piquet is a popular card game that has been around for centuries. It is a relatively simple game that can be enjoyed by all types of players. If you're a fan of classic card games, Piquet is a must-try. The game can be learned in minutes and can be played with two players. Best of all, it's a budget-friendly option that can be enjoyed by all.

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The objective - of Piquet Game

To earn the most points from six deals is the goal of the Piquet card game. Card combos and successful tricks are the two ways to get points in this card game. To win, you'll need to try and score as many points as possible in each deal.

Number of Cards Required

A 32-card deck (Piquet Pack or Piquet deck) of playing cards from a standard deck of 52 with 7s (low) to Aces(high) is needed to play the Piquet game.

Rank of cards

The ranking order in Piquet card game is: A (highest) > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 (lowest)

Types of - Piquet Card Game

Piquet is a trick taking card game that is played with 32 cards. Trick taking is a great way to pass the time and learn how to improve your decision making skills. In this type of game, players take turns playing cards. The object is to score points by taking certain tricks from the other players.

Dealing in Piquet Game

The selection of a dealer is necessary before the Piquet card game starts. Players must select a card at random from a shuffled deck to do this and the dealer is the person who has the lowest card. For every hand in the game, the players deal in turns.

To avoid dealing the final hand, it is better to deal first. Each Piquet card game has a segment of six deals and the participant with the most points wins. Twelve cards are dealt to each player, and the final eight are used to make the talon.

The talon may be split into two heaps each by the dealer with five and three cards. The younger hand is the dealer, while the elder hand is the player who is not the dealer. The player who has the most card combos in a particular suit is awarded the Point, which is the highest scoring combination as per the Piquet card game rules. The player with the longest sequence of cards in sequential order and the same suit wins the Sequence points. The person who has the highest ranking set of four or three cards wins the Set points in a Piquet game.

Cards Exchange

The purpose of exchanging cards before declaring and playing is to strengthen one's hand and the elder hand initially exchanges. An option to swap cards with cards from the leftover deck is given to each participant.

The non-dealer exchanges cards initially and is limited to exchanging between one and five cards. The remaining cards are then exchanged by the dealer up to that number. In an effort to gain points in a Piquet game, the non-dealer is the first to announce the combinations in his or her hand. The dealer will proclaim good, no good, or equal after the non-dealer claims for a group.

  • Good denotes how superior the non-combination dealer's is.
  • No good denotes that the non-dealer does not receive points because the dealer's combination is superior.
  • Equal signifies that more details are required in order to choose a winner.

The value is calculated with the ranking order:

Value of cards

  • Aces
  • 11 Points
  • 10s through Kings
  • 10 points
  • 7s through 9s
  • Face Values


At least three cards must be present in a sequence, and they must all belong to the same suit. The winner of the sequence may choose to reveal any further sequences he may have. When Sequence is tied in a Piquet game, the player whose starting card has a higher ranking wins.

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A set is defined as three or four cards in a row that are ten or more in value. Trio sets are worth three points, while quartet sets, or quatorzes are worth four points each owing to the Piquet card game rules. The player with the higher ranking card in a set wins when the score on Set is tied. A set needs to be ranked at least 10 times.

Piquet card game rules

Piquet is a game that's popular in India and can be quite complex to play. If you're new to the game, Here are the basic rules:

  • Piquet is a trick-taking game for two players that utilises a 32-card deck without the 2–6 number cards.
  • A partie is a group of six deals in the game as per the Piquet card game rules
  • Every time a player scores points in a hand, they declare their cumulative running score for that hand. Totals are kept after a hand and tallied to their score for the partie.
  • According to the Piquet card game rules, the ultimate goal is to reach 100 points or more and cross the Rubicon.
  • If the loser scored at least 100 points after the six deals, they must pay the difference between their score and the loser's score plus 100.
  • The loser must pay the total of their scores plus 100 if they do not achieve 100 points in a Piquet game.
  • Carte blanche is the term used when a player is given no face cards. The moment you announce carte blanche, your adversary must see it. There should be a prompt declaration of carte blanche. When a player declares they have carte blanche, the other player must see their hand.
  • During the proclamation phase, a player receives a bonus of 60 points if they earn 30 points before the other player is also known as Requet.
  • Players earn a pique of 30 bonus points if they play and score 30 points in declarations before their adversary does.
  • If one player wins all 12 tricks, that person receives 40 points for capot.
  • The following order of points is asserted: Carte Blanche, Point, Sequences, Quatorzes & Trios, Points during play.
  • Players must follow suit because there are no trumps. One point is awarded for the card that starts a trick, and an additional point is earned for intercepting an opponent's trick lead.

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The Piquet card game is the oldest game that is usually played with a deck of 32 cards also known as Piquet deck and the game consists of 6 deals. The main objective of the game is to score the maximum points from the 6 deals. Although Piquet is easy to learn, keeping a tally can be challenging for beginners.