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How to Play Rummy Online

In the digital era, traditional card games found a new home on online platforms and Rummy is no exception. Rummy is an interesting skill-based strategic card game running on a fast lane to popularity in India. If you’re new to this card game and are wondering ‘how to play rummy’ online, you’re at the right place.

Online Rummy is a digital adaptation of the timeless card game that hinges on rapid selection and combination of cards based on the game rules and the player’s analytical thinking capabilities. A player needs to make smart decisions about which cards to pick, keep or discard and make valid combinations in order to win the game.

To learn how to play rummy online on CardBaazi, first you need to brush up the game rules and join a table of your choice. Today, we shall guide you with the basics of how to play rummy online and win amazing rewards.

Learn how to Play Rummy by Video Tutorial

Learn how to play rummy online with 13 card rummy game tutorial at CardBaazi

Basic Online Rummy GameRules

The basic objective of the game is to form sets and sequences of cards in your hand and meld all your cards before your opponents do to win the game. Here are the basic rules on how to play online rummy game for free in India.

  • A player seeks to arrange his cards into proper Sequences or Sets. These are distinct combinations known as melds as per rummy game rules that you need to form in your 13 card hand.
  • To make such combinations, players need to draw cards from the closed deck and discard unnecessary cards into the discard pile.
  • As per basic rummy rules, a player can only draw only the top card from an Open or Closed deck.
  • Similarly, a player can only draw the top card from the discard pile by their previous opponent.
  • A player must throw one card from his hand onto the discard pile to keep another card picked from the stockpile or discard pile.
  • A round of Rummy ends when a player melds all their cards and makes a valid declaration.
  • Points are assigned to players based on the face value of unmelded cards.

Rummy Melding Rules

  • A set is formed of three or four cards of the same rank but different suits.
  • A sequence is formed of three or more cards arranged in a sequence.
  • A rummy player should arrange all his cards in order to make at least two sequences, and at least one of them should be a Pure Sequence.
  • A Pure sequence doesn’t involve any jokers.
  • An Impure sequence is formed with the help of wild cards or Jokers.

Common Terms Used in Playing Rummy


Rummy is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Every player gets 13 cards from one or more of such standard decks. The remaining undealt cards, called the Stockpile, are kept face-down on the game table for further use by the players. A discard Pile consists of the unwanted cards discarded by the players either from their hand or the closed deck.


As mentioned above, a Meld can be of two types- it can either be a Set or a Sequence, or it can be a Sequence. A Set implies a group of at least three or more cards of the same rank. For example, 3♥ 3♦ 3♠ or Q♥ Q♦ Q♠ Q♣.

A Sequence is different from a Set. It consists of at least three consecutive cards of the same suit. A♣ K♣ Q♣ or 5♥ 6♥ 7♥ 8♥. When you learn how to play rummy online with Joker, even the Joker card is important because it can be used to represent any random card in a meld. But more on that later.

Show/ Declaration

Learning how to play Rummy online flawlessly involves learning the art of declaration. A show or declaration refers to the action of a player declaring that they have formed valid sets or sequences with their 13 cards and are ready to end the round. A declaration is a crucial step towards winning the Rummy game. When a player believes they have arranged their cards into valid melds, they can choose to show or declare their hand.

How to Play Rummy Game Online?

Rummy is a sum of many interesting card combinations that a player needs to make by picking and dropping cards in succession. Making valid sets and sequences require strategic thinking and adaptability according to the changing game dynamics that only comes with experience.

The game starts with the dealer distributing cards, and players draw from the stockpile or discard pile to form sets or sequences. Feel free to utilize the app features to meld your arranged cards, click on the 'Show' button when you’re ready, and the app can then verify the validity of your melds.

Meanwhile, you must grasp the scoring system for non-melded cards and aim to score zero points. The sooner you make the right combinations as per the rummy rules, the earlier you stand to win.

When you learn how to play Rummy online, you will soon realize how Online Rummy games combine convenience with the classic game's strategy to create an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

In online rummy apps and platforms such as CardBaazi, you can enjoy a smooth and interactive experience and have a fun time with fellow players and win awesome rewards.

Types of Rummy Melds

Getting back on the subject and moving deeper into melding your combinations, the key to winning in online rummy games involves making the correct set of combinations without committing any basic errors. All players receive 13 cards each and the objective is to arrange them into valid combinations of sets and sequences.

Let us understand these melds or combinations that you need to make to form a winning Rummy hand.

Rummy Pure Sequence

In online rummy games, a Pure Sequence refers to a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. Example: J ♦ 10 ♦ 9 ♦ and K ♣ Q ♣ J ♣. This is a mandatory combination that you must make to make a valid show. Without a pure Sequence, your rummy hand will be declared invalid.

Rummy Impure Sequence

An Impure sequence is also a sequence but is formed with the help of Wild cards or Jokers. When a desired card is missing to complete a Pure sequence, a player can use a Joker or a Wild card to represent the missing card in the combination. Example: K ♦ Joker J ♦. In this combination, Joker represents the missing card, Queen ♦.

Here’s another example of an Impure Sequence made with a Wild Card. 6 ♠ 7 ♠ K ♣ 9 ♠. Here King of Clubs represents the missing card, 8 ♠.

Rummy Set

A Set is a group of three or maximum of four cards of the same rank but different suits with or without Jokers. A player cannot use more than one card of the same suit to make a Set as that would make an invalid set. Examples of a Rummy set are

1. 7 ♥ K ♠ 7 ♥
Here, K ♠ is a wild card used to complete the Rummy set.
2. Q ♣ Q ♦ Q ♠ Q ♥

Key Actions in Online Rummy Game

The Option to Drop

First Drop - If a player believes that he can’t possibly make a good combination from his allotted cards, he can leave the current hand. This is called First Drop and the player pays 20 penalty points if they drop the game at the very first turn without picking a card from the Open Deck.

Middle Drop - The next stage of the First Drop, a Second Drop refers to an act by a player wherein they exit the hand after the first turn of cards. Consequently, they pay for this action by twice the points of the First Drop, thus getting 40 penalty points.

Consecutive Misses - When you learn how to play Rummy online, understand this. You can’t possibly keep on dropping the game at will in a 13 Card Rummy game. If a player deliberately exits the hand for three turns in a row, they are dropped from the game altogether.

Leave Table - Leaving a table is considered equivalent to a Middle Drop and costs you 40 points. Please note that it is only applicable if a player exits from the table after drawing exactly one card from the Closed Deck. Should a player make up his mind even before seeing any card, he is accountable for the First Drop and only gets 20 points.

How to Play Rummy with Jokers?

No answer to questions like ‘how to play rummy’ can be complete without a proper understanding of the role of the Joker. We are, thus, writing this section to explain how to play rummy with Jokers.

There are two types of jokers in online rummy games. They are:

1. Wild Card or Wild Joker

A Wild Joker is that crucial card that is selected randomly and at will from a closed deck mutually by all players in a chosen rummy game. In online rummy games, the Wild Joker can be any numbered or face card that is randomly generated by the rummy app itself.

2. Printed Joker

Printed Jokers, as the name says, are those cards depicting the figure of a clown. These are lucky cards in online rummy games because you can use them to replace or substitute a missing card in a potential combination and form valid sets and sequences. As such, having a Joker or two in your rummy hand can significantly increase your chances of winning by filling in the missing pieces in your combinations.

How to Win in Rummy Game Online?

Over a period of time, you will succeed in making proper card Sequences and segregate in Sets. Assuming that you possess one Pure Sequence, one Pure/Impure Sequence and remaining Valid Sets or Sequences that successfully arrange your 13 cards, you can let other competing players know by discarding one of your remaining cards to the Finish Slot. Once through this stage, you can simply declare and show your combination.

Importance of Valid Declaration

Rummy relies on integrity and sportsmanship en masse, and all your card combinations would be verified by the Dealer or the gaming software. It is thus recommended to make proper card combinations and learn how to play Indian Rummy in the right way.

Wrong Declaration

Rummy is based on integrity and sportsmanship, and it makes no distinction between a mistake and dishonesty. As such, you must be careful and verify your melds before you make a declaration in the game. If a player mistakenly claims that he has completed a Set or Sequence in their hand, they straightaway pay for it with a maximum of 80 penalty points in the game.

Therefore, you should declare your hand only when you meet the following conditions:

  • You have all your cards arranged in valid and justified sequences and sets.
  • Your combination should contain at least one Pure Sequence. A wrong declaration could include:
    • Invalid Set
    • Declaring without Pure Sequence
    • Declaring without Two Sequences

How to Score in Online Rummy

This is the final frontier. Rummy relies on scoring points in every dealing of cards, and we are, hereby, presenting the rummy rules to calculate points. Unlike most card games, in Online rummy, the fewer points you score, the closer you inch towards victory.

The player who makes a valid declaration first among all opponents gets Zero penalty points and is declared the winner. The remaining players get rewarded penalty points based on the number of unmatched Cards in their rummy hands that couldn’t be aligned into a valid Set or Sequence.

The losing players in the game collect penalty points as follows:

  1. a.) High-Value Cards
    • Suited or Face cards carry 10 points each.
    • Ace, Kings, Queens, and Jacks (A, K, Q, J respectively) of all suits carry 10 points each.
  2. b.) All Wild and Printed Jokers have zero points.
  3. c.) Numerical Cards- Numerical cards incur the points as their numerical value. For example, 2♥ has 2 points and 3♠ has 3 points and so on. The numbered card ‘10’ also has 10 points.

The player with the least number of points on the scoreboard at the end of all deals is declared the winner.

Summing Up

The straightforward rules of online rummy games make it easy to learn for beginners, yet its strategic depth offers endless enjoyment for all players, making Rummy a timeless and universally loved card game. So, now that you know the basics well enough to get started, join us on CardBaazi and begin your maiden online rummy, have fun and take home awesome rewards and cash prizes.