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The Cribbage card game was invented way back by the eminent English poet known as Sir John Suckling. If you turn the pages of history you will discover that the game has a precursor, called Noddy. The Cribbage board game of Noddy is also mentioned in the Compleat Gamestar by Charles Cotton.

This game of cards is a great cribbage conglomeration of a card game and a board game. The holes present in the cribbage board contain pegs. The board also helps to calculate the scores faster without any human error. Cribbage board game online is a fast-paced game that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

The great part is that now you can play all these games online at the comfort of your home. There are several websites available to play cribbage online for free and enjoy the best gaming experience.

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What is Cribbage Online Card Game Objective

All the players involved in the Cribbage card game have one aim, to score 121 points. To shorten the duration of the cribbage rules, sometimes the goal is reduced to 61 points. Players can earn their points by drawing cards and forming different combinations with the cards drawn.

Cribbage Online Card Game Rules

  • There is a dealer in the Cribbage card game. The cards are distributed to the players by the dealer
  • Each player is given six cards to play Cribbage games. The cards are kept in a face-down position.
  • A player can look at all six cards. Then, he or she will lay away four cards that will form a Crib.
  • The rest of the two cards will be kept in the face-down position. When the hands are being played the Crib belongs to the dealer. Only after finishing one hand, the Crib can be exposed. This is one of the major cribbage rules.
  • When you play Cribbage card games online, at first, one of the players, other than the dealer, will cut the pack of cards. After that, the dealer will place the top card on the lower packet on top of that pack in the face-up position. This is the ‘starter’ card. In case the starter card is a jack, then the dealer will score two points straight away. The starter will not be used during the play phase of the free Cribbage game.
  • The other opponents' task is to decide whether a player is lying or stating the truth. In this circumstance, two possibilities emerge when they play Bluff card game online.
  • Thereafter, the non-dealer will put one of their cards in a face-up position and he will shout the number of the card, like four or six when you choose to play Cribbage online. The dealer will do the same but he will shout the running total like if his or her card number is nine he will shout 9+4=13 or 9=6+15. Jack, Queen, and King all count as 10 as per Cribbage rules.
  • If you choose to play cribbage board games for free or real money, the running total should not exceed 31. After reaching 31 or more than that, the player will shout Go and the opponent will peg 1. After the Go, the opponent needs to lay down any additional card without exceeding the limit, 31. If a player reaches exactly 31, then he or she will gain two peg points according to cribbage rules.
  • There are a total of three hands in free Cribbage card games, the first hand is the non-dealer’s hand, the second hand is the dealer’s hand and the third hand is a crib.

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Cribbage Board

The Cribbage board in the game consists of four rows and there are a total of 30 holes present in the board. To play Cribbage, the board is divided by a central panel. On both sides of that panel, two rows are present. Other than that in either one of the sides four extra holes are present, known as game holes. At the beginning of the Cribbage game, the Cribbage board is placed in between the players. The board has two colors. A player needs to choose two same-colored pegs. Each time a player scores in the game the peg jumps over to the peg present in front of that. This is one of the most important cribbage rules. This indicates the player’s new score in the game.

For some years, you might have loved to play Cribbage games offline. Now, you can choose to play Cribbage online for free from anywhere by accessing any of the card gaming sites. You have the option to play this game against the computer or another human player - Choice is Yours! You can buy a Cribbage set from Amazon and get it shipped to your home and play the Cribbage game live with your friends.

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Each team or player needs to take two pegs of colors from the pack of cards. Next, the players need to arrange the cards in ascending order. The points are distributed based on that arrangement in free Cribbage games. The player or the team with more points at the end of the Cribbage card game is declared the winner.