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Go Fish Card Game

The Go Fish card game is popular among children. This game might not exactly be like the rummy card games players are used to playing online, but the Go fish rules remind people of the other card games. The Go Fish card game lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes, so players will never get bored. There are many variations of this game as well; for example, Go Stop is a similar Card Game that originated in South Korea and is still very popular there.

Up to 10 players can play the Go Fish card game. The objective of this game is simple: the players will have to gather as many books as they can. Four Go Fish cards of the same rank are considered a book. The player with the most books at the end is declared the winner.

How to Play Go Fish Card Game Online

  • The number of cards given to the players depends on the number of players present on the table in the Go Fish game. For 2 players, 7 cards are distributed equally, 6 cards if 3 players are present and 5 cards when 4 players are on the table. After the distribution, the rest of the cards are compiled into a pile and players can pick cards from there whenever they want based on the Go Fish rules.
  • In the Go fish card game, the player can ask other players for a card they want. For example, you might ask a player if they have any fours. The players should only ask for values that they already have. For instance, if they don't have any fours, then they can't ask for them as per Go Fish rules. This rule makes this game seem similar to Mahjong, another game available on CardBaazi, where the players also group cards of the same value or character.
  • If in the fish card game, a player has any of the cards another player requested for, then they have to give up those cards as per Go Fish rules. The player that just received the card gets another turn and gets the chance to ask around again. If the player doesn't have any cards the other participants ask for, then they will tell others to Go Fish game, a phrase which indicates that the players will have to pick one card each from the pile of the undealt cards on the table.
  • If the players get the cards of their choice, they proceed to play further after showing their cards to the others in the Go Fish game. If the players don’t get the cards they expected, then the player next to them plays and continues to ask around as per Go Fish rules.

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  • As mentioned above, the players that get four same value cards, show the Go Fish cards to the other players and then put the four cards next to them in the Go Fish card game. The player that forms the most books at the end of the game wins. The remaining players continue to play.
  • When you play Go Fish online, if the opponents ask for the last cards, then the player can lay down their cards because they will have no other choice. The players can then pick up new cards from the undealt pile of cards. They must draw the same number of cards they started the game with according to the Go Fish rules.
  • If there are no cards left to draw from the undealt pile on the table, then the players that finished the game leave and wait for the remaining players to finish their cards. The game ends when all the players have played their cards and there are none left on the table as well. This is how simple and exciting the Go Fish card game is.

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The players must be fully invested in a Go Fish card game because if they fail to focus, they might end up losing. They must be attentive at all times and see what the players are asking for, to know what cards they have.

Pro Tips to Win Go Fish Game

When you play Go Fish online, it helps to know a few strategies and tricks to advance tactfully in the game. Since a lot of the gameplay and results of the game depends on luck, feel free to browse through these Go Fish online tips to become the winner. Having a good memory and maintaining a poker face throughout the game might just help you with an edge over your opponents when you play Go Fish online.

  • While fishing when a player draws a value they do not have, they can ask for it in the next round. They can rotate among the values they already have with them. In the more difficult variants of this game, the strategy should be to memorise the cards the other players possess.
  • Lying about their cards in the Go Fish card game is difficult and unfair according to the Go Fish rules of the game and the participants may get disqualified. The free online Go Fish card game follows the Honour system, in which if the players aren’t honest, they are requested to leave.
  • The players must hide their cards from the other players and ask them for the cards of the same value. By doing this, the other players will not know which cards to ask for in the Go Fish game.
  • Keep your deck organized at all times when you play Go Fish games offline. When you receive your first 5 cards in the fish card game, check out if you got any more cards with the similar number. If you do, keep the cards of the same value together so that you know the exact cards you may need during the Go Fish game. Likewise, when you receive more cards as the game proceeds, keep the cards of the same number together.

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  • This is a tip people will seldom tell you but you shall eventually understand its importance in the Go Fish game. For instance, if you have two 7s and you get another one when you play a hand, try to keep the excitement to yourself. Failing to do so will help others figure out something’s up and working in your favour. When you play Go Fish online, always look straight in the eyes of your opponents whenever they ask for a card from you.

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Yes, players must discard their cards in the Go Fish game whenever they make a book or a four of a kind. The winner of the fish card game discards all their cards. You become the winner if you manage to collect the maximum number of books.