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Hearts Card Game

Introduced in the 1880s in the United States of America, the hearts card game is a trick playing-card game of 3-6 players (generally 4), usually played among family or friends for fun and entertainment. The players in the Hearts card game aim to avoid adopting tricks that contain heart suits. The free classic Hearts game derives from the much older European game of Reversis. Skills generally required to play hearts online are card counting, tactics, and teamwork.

Game Play

Heart card games have been popular in the past few centuries all over the world. With the development of the Internet in the past few decades, it gave birth to the free hearts game online. Users were able to first play hearts online free on its desktop version. With further developments, its Android and other free Hearts game online versions were developed.

Today, there are unlimited sites available that provide paid or free online hearts card games for its users in all versions. Game lovers can play free hearts card games in both online and offline modes. The users play heart card games online and compete with players all around the world and also participate in the league and tournaments organized to win big.

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Hearts Card Game Rules

The Hearts card game rules have evolved in the past decades. Being a trick-taking card game, the hearts game rules are easy to understand. There are a total of 52 cards on a ranked deck.

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Here are the Basic Rules of The Game

Objective of The Game

Generally, being a 4 player card game, the individual player aims to avoid getting penalties. This applies to the players in smaller or larger teams too (3-6). The cards in the suits rank from Ace being the highest to two being the lowest one.

Distribution of Penalties

The distribution of penalties on heart playing cards is as follows:

  • A single heart card provides some point of penalty
  • A single Queen of spades card provides 13 points of penalty
  • The remaining don’t have any existing values of penalties

Directions for Playing

For all hearts card game, the following summary of directions is used:

  • Players pass the card to each other before the initiation of the game.
  • The cards are passed in a clockwise direction.
  • For the players either playing individually or playing in a multiplayer Hearts card game online, their penalty points are calculated from their hearts card and the card of the queen of spades.
  • The player with fewer points wins the game.

Game Presets

For the classic Hearts card game live online or offline, the general rule follows – a hearts card is worth 1 penalty point, and the queen of spades is worth 13 penalty points. During the gameplay of the Heart playing card game, in the omnibus, the score of the jack of diamonds is 10 points.

In the case of spots, the variation uses different values and can have up to 6 players. The heart playing cards with numbers have penalty points worth their respective numbers, while the jack card in the hearts card carries 11 penalty points. The queen of hearts playing card carries a penalty of 12 points, and the king card has a 13-point penalty. Finally, the queen of spades is penalized with 25 points. In teams of two, the players share their scores, and the team with the lowest score wins.

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The Deck and Dealing in the Hearts Card Game

  • In the hearts card game online, the standard French deck is used.
  • In the hearts card game of three players, the two diamond cards are removed from the deck with every individual player receiving 17 cards.
  • For the game of four players, the full deck is utilized, and each player receives 13 cards.
  • For the game of five players, two diamonds or spades are removed and each player receives 10 cards.

The Passing of the Cards of the Cards

  • In the first round of the heart playing card, the player first selects 3 cards from their hand and passes them face-down to the players on their left.
  • In the second round, each player passes 3 cards to their right-hand players.
  • In the third round, each player passes to the player opposite them.
  • This pattern repeats throughout the free Hearts game online.

Scores Rules

Hearts Card Game

The scores are obtained based on set penalty scores. If a player receives all the penalty cards and scores 0 for the round, all the opponents score an additional 26 points. This is called shooting the moon in free classic.

Winners Selection

in the Hearts card game are decided based on the lowest scores gained. If applicable, targets are set to 35, 7, 5, and even 100.


It is set after winning specific cards. These include four ten, queen of diamonds, or jack. However, if it’s needed they can be disabled.

Bonus Effects

This sets the point scored for the bonus points. The options include -10 or -10 floors.

No Trick Bonus

In this, a player in the game-winning no tricks in a particular round scores bonus points.

Shoot the Sun

When you play Hearts online, it’s for the players who win all the tricks. They would get doubled bonus points of the ‘shoot the moon’ for that round.

Optional Pass

The players have an option to choose whether they want to pass the cards in each round.

Pass Methods

Pass method generally includes standard, scatter, standard withhold, scatter instead of hold, mix instead of hold, and mix withhold

Do’s and Don’ts in Hearts Card Game

The Hearts card game requires a good strategy to score fewer penalties. However, everyone follows different strategies that suit them. The one that needs to be kept in mind is that in the hearts card game, the winning trick lies in the strategy of playing the Hearts game online. Some of the strategies to be considered are as follows.

Loading Hearts Early

After their assessment, the player should decide whether to try and pass the hearts to their opponents to attempt to capture them all. Although it seems to be wiser to play the low heart first, strategically it seems best to hold them until it’s cleared from the falling of cards to whom you are passing them.

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A void is generated when a player doesn’t have any cards of specific suits. It’s a magical option as it prevents the player from scoring any points in that particular suit and also provides a way to dispose of poor cards. This can be done through a good passing strategy.

Keep the Spades Till the End

When you play Hearts online, you should always have as many spades as possible in your hand to avoid scoring points from the Queen of Spades. If you run out of Spades, obviously either you get the Queen by default or you end up scoring points if someone else has played the Queen of Spades. Also, make sure if you get the Queen of Spades, pass them to your right always in a free Hearts game online.

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Avoid Leading With Aces

When you play Hearts card game online, avoid leading with an Ace (especially of Spades) at all costs. If you are not following the game closely, you wouldn’t know if someone has voided the suit in play and you end up getting an unwanted card. When you play Hearts card game online, leading a trick with an Ace of any suit even in general circumstances will guarantee you win the trick and bear the ramifications.

Summing Up

Whether you play hearts card games online or in the field, being tricky involves a lot of good strategy and skills. Due to its amazing concept of scores as well as its trickiness, both free Hearts games online and paid ones offer exciting entertainment. If you want to have fun and earn while playing card games online, download the CardBaazi app and play card games online, anytime and anywhere. You can play the best card games online such as Indian Rummy, Dehla Pakad, and even Call Break and win real cash, the latest gadgets & more. Download the CardBaazi app now and get 100% extra cash on your first deposit.


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